Closet Case

About a month or so ago, we returned from running errands. (That's not the interesting part, don't worry.) Within minutes, I heard Nate's voice from upstairs "Ermmmm........ Want to see something... interesting?" Um, always. So up I went, only to find that the closet in one of the bedrooms - which was supporting a lifetime's worth of ski jackets and various sports team jerseys - had completely collapsed.

The hardware plastic anchors had ripped right out of the wall, and the single "support" bar was bent beyond rehabilitation.
And so, after living with this scene in the closest's room for about a month...
...we decided to bite the bullet and invest in a new - and better - system. Knowing what the closet holds, but keeping in mind room to grow (dear Lord, please no more ski jackets...), we hit Home Depot for the components.

Off came the doors, out came the remaining fasteners and supports, and on went the spackle:
Next? Lots of using the level. This closet has a few strange angles, but even in a square closet: Don't trust your wall or floor lines. The idea is to pretend like you're hanging the components on a blank wall.  If it's a little crooked, you'll notice - In this case by all your clothes ending up on one side of your shelves and hang bars. So after squaring everything up 15,000 times before drilling each hole, we popped in these upgraded anchors (no more plastic, thankyouverymuch):
And, tada!
The weight load is so much more balanced, and it legitimately doubled the storage capacity of the closet. Magical.
....Anybody need some ski coats?? Just kidding hubs... juuuuuust kidding.

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