Game Day, Baby!

This whole 'real life' thing is really getting in the way of my blogging schedule this week. Sorry kids!

Now: I have news.
If you're a college football fan you know and love (or hate but still know, so either way...) College Game Day on ESPN. Every Saturday morning at 6am PST, the guys appear on screen and give their 2 cents on odds of winning, stats, and upset alerts on, well, college games. They travel around the country to broadcast from the school of the notable game happening that week, and it's all capped off by Lee Corso putting on the head of whatever mascot he thinks is going to win said notable game. "The Pit", an area for students and fans to gather behind the broadcaster's table, gets packed with drunk excited college kids waving signs and wearing their colors proudly.
And this whole dog and pony show is broadcasting from the University of Washington because the Huskies vs. the University of Oregon Ducks (boooo!) is The. Big. Game. this weekend. A-woohoo!!!!!
Thankfully we won't be there when the lines open, but probably still early enough to be called crazy. ...And I'm okay with that. Go Dawgs!!

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