Percolating Project

I think we've finally recovered from the big flooring project, and it's time to tackle the next biggie: Kitchen cabinets.

Rather then spending 15-40k on putting in new ones (I actually like the shape of the ones we have and they're pretty sturdy), the plan is to put in some elbow grease with sanding, priming, painting, and popping on some hardware.
Testing hardware sizes with paper scraps. So chic, I know.
This arrived on our door last night, and it promises to make the whole tedious process SO much more palatable:
Wagner Flexio 570 HVLP Paint Sprayer
It has great reviews, so I'm hoping it works like a charm. And as for hardware, I found an awesome site with bargain basement prices in MyKnobs.com. These haven't been ordered yet, but they coordinate with the handles of our appliances for a nice tie-in (and can't beat the price):
Now all that's left to do is... start. Heeeere we go!

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