Medal Head

I'm Olympics obsessed. I don't care what sport it is, I'll watch it. Even Ice Dancing, which apparently I'm supposed to swoon over because I'm a woman, but don't really care for. *yawn* Give me Skeleton or Super Combined  or even Biathlon any day.

Predictably, Norway has landed the highest number of total medals with 12, and Germany the most gold so far with 6 (as of Wednesday 2/12). Those two always shine in the winter games. Canada rounds out the top three, also one I'd expect to see up there.

It's amazing watching these people achieve their life's dreams right in front of our eyes, don't you think? I love how the world comes together for a few weeks every couple of years.

The Olympics run through February 23rd (they started the 7th), and here in the U.S., NBC stations are carrying coverage. Also, if you have access to CBC (Canadian Broadcasting), the hubs and I have been watching there - Awesome, thorough coverage of pretty much every event. Enjoy the games!

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