Random Round Up: True To Title

Here's where the 'random' portion of this title comes in... Mondays like this. It's time to get ready for some vacation around here, and the warm weather is calling my name. So while I do piles of laundry and dust off the suitcases, you check out a few snaps from the week:
A little cousin turned four!
INCREDIBLE new cookie recipe discovered: Blueberry White Chocolate. 
Breaking in some vacay-bound wedges by wearing 'em for housework duty.
Box breaking-down rampage in the garage. Past due, obviously!
Made a friend in a local shop this weekend - Ella, the very tiny, very fluffy pooch.
How about a new and rather amazing cookie recipe this week? Oh, alright. If you want. Keep your eyes peeled for that! Happy monday, y'all.

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