Pillow Talk

Now that our anniversary has come and gone, I can show you what I whipped up for one of my gifts to the hubs. We've been nerdily following (and by following, I mean twice now) the traditional wedding gift list for each year. Have you seen it?
So since this year is cotton, I knew a great t-shirt was on the list. But it wasn't enough. A search of 'vintage ski' on Amazon and I found just the thing: A 25x25 piece of fabric printed with a vintage ski poster advertising Norway. I can sew, 20's and 30's style art is just my jam, and my husband's family is Norwegian.

We have a winner.
I won't bore you with a pillow making step-by-step, but here's a great tutorial all set to be learned from. I ordered a 24x24 pillow from Amazon as well (a little smaller than the fabric for seam allowances), and for the back of this pillow, I used a nubby upholstery fabric I had a remnant of from another project years ago (funnily enough, it was making pillows for my parents' house).
 I like the art on the pillow front even more than I expected to, and another pleasant surprise was how great the colors work with the rest of the family room. And Nate? He loved it. Which was really the best part of all.

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