Exciting times, people.

We're grownups.
We finally purchased - get ready for it - a dining room table and chairs. For dining. And sitting. Didn't I tell you? Exciting.

I'm almost embarrassed to show you what we were working with, but everyone's gotta start from somewhere, and that place for us was Ikea. An Ikea trip so long ago, in fact, that I'm not even sure I'd met Nate yet.
The chairs don't even match. Ouch.
Looking in from the living room, kitchen on the left.
But a random Craisglist search led me to a local furniture shop and the table of our dreams. Solid acacia wood, the table has two leaves that make it look like a more traditional farm table (which I love):
When the leaves come off, the table is a great size for our everyday use, and still has enough inlaid detail and texture that it's still interesting and pretty.
You may have noticed the bench disappears and the four chairs take over when the leaves are off. There's an empty corner in the living room...
And it proved to be just the spot for that bench when it's off dining duty:
Can you believe the difference from move-in two years ago to now?
Sometimes it takes a little longer, but so far every test of patience has been worth the wait. So excited to have this table host meals for years and years to come!

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