Random Round Up: 50 Shades of Purple

I think I've mentioned it before, but the previous homeowners who managed the landscaping for our yard had a serious love affair with purple.

It's my least favorite color, but it's pretty hard to hate on flowers this pretty no matter what their color. Here's what's currently blooming:
A horticulturally-inclined friend said these might be some derivative of Chinese Houses. So pretty!
Don't know what this guy is. Any opinions out there? Tree-like.
Azalea, almost done blooming.
Dining room window Rhododendron
Any ideas? The prettiest variegated leaves and purple flower clusters.
Front walkway Azalea
Some form of Lilac - So deliciously fragrant!
Bleeding Heart
Hope your week is shaping up to be just as pretty. Nate's starting a new class tonight, and with me working on a big project at work, things aren't slowing down any in our house. Send me some energy vibes, guys!

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