Side Yard Success

I went out to trim a hedge. Fifteen, twenty minute project.

I ended up with an extra foot of width on our side yard path... and a few more than fifteen minutes burned. But so satisfying - I didn't even know it was bugging me until I fixed it!
 We don't use the gate to our backyard on the daily - It's more just for getting the lawnmower back there and storing the yard waste bin. But our neighbors were gone for the long weekend, so I decided to seize the moment and trim our side of their hedge (we're friendly, don't worry). Hedge trimming turned into weeding... turned into getting rid of some of the vines (shown on the right)... and of course, it wouldn't be our yard if we didn't find something random:
Maybe camouflage Easter eggs are taking the hunt one step too far...
Gettin' after the weeds and vines...
And then, suddenly, I realized I'd been working for over an hour, there was a drip of sweat dangling from my nose, and I had made some serious progress:
Let's get a little side-by-side action, shall we?
I have to admit, I'm kind of looking forward to hauling the yard waste bin to the curb tonight, just so I can take it all in.

And I know I teased Tuesday that the cabinets are finally getting their long-overdue makeover, but I want to wait until there's a little more progress to photograph. They're coming right along though! Updates soon.

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