Color Run 2014

The Color Run - "The happiest 5k on the planet" - came to Seattle again this year, so we couldn't help but sign up. If you've been reading for a while, you know I decided to sign up last year to challenge myself... And boy did I. I'm a life-long athlete, but hate - I mean HATE - running just to run. So the idea of doing it for 3.1 miles was not only groan-inducing, but kind of terrifying.

But. I did it last year and again this year, running the whole thing. Woohoo!! Here are some pictures I snapped through the fog of color:
Nate post-race in the color haze.
We found a great spot for a photo op from above the party before we headed home:
I wore way too many layers - Not used to warmer temps yet!
 Once we got home we took some less-foggy snaps:
The aftermath was pretty... smurf-esque:
Through my shoes AND socks!
After headband removal...
Luckily we got most of it off, but my toes are still a little blue three days later.
Last but not least, I tried to capture some live action of the after-party again this year. It's no where near as good as last year's GoPro video (we decided not to deal with carrying it while running this year), but it captures the color party fun nonetheless:
Color Run coming to your area? Check here and SIGN UP. Walk it, run it. whatever. Go do it.

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