Random Round Up: Au Naturel

You guys, it's been woefully quiet around this corner of the internet the past week, and I apologize. But quiet here means crazy-headless-chicken-style-busy in my actual three dimensional life. Woof, what a week!

Workshops and extra activities on the job, and all kinds of fun stuff outside of it: Friends in town, spontaneous house guests, Mother's Day celebrations, and of course, The Color Run Sunday morning.

We'll talk about that stuff later, but for now, let's kick of the week with some natural peace and quiet:
Sunset over the water from my in-laws' backyard. Gorgeous.
The lilacs are here. Is there any better smelling flower?! Dreamy.
A gorgeous Saturday to pick up our Color Run race packets.
Ok, not actually a natural occurrence, but I always love this sculpture at Seattle Center.
The lawn is growing like a, well, weed. Can hardly keep up with the mowing!
Happy Monday - I'll try to be around more as I recover this week!

And P.S. The lawn no longer looks like a jungle. Three cheers for the hubs.

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