Random Round Up: ...Fall?

It seems like the west coast is having a bit of trouble settling into fall - I know it's been in the 90's still in California, and up here in the corner we're hitting a balmy 75 today. Despite still keeping my tank tops in rotation, there are glimmers of fall starting to appear...
A rare and guilty pleasure - SnoBalls (or in the case of Halloween: GloBalls.)
I don't know when this floor ever "worked" in a room, but I liked it.
Beer making = Science. Nate whipped up an autumn brew.
More kitchen cabinet work: Before, Sanded, Primed. Same drawer front, same light.
And I think I mentioned starting the workout program P90X3 a while back... well, roughly 60 days or so ago since here I am on day 62. Yep, I've stuck with it! I plan to do some form of review and or recap by the 90 day mark. It's been an interesting journey so far!
Have a great week everybody!

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