Random Round Up: Explanation

A part of me feels like I owe you lovely people an explanation for the lack of content lately. There are a few layers of reasons, but it boils down to this: Sometimes, ongoing projects suck the life out of you.
Yep, I'm still working on the kitchen cabinets, and while I'm so excited for oh-so-many reasons to show you the finished product, you've already seen most of the process when I showed you the completed bottom half. So instead of boring you with the same photos of inanimate slabs of wood, I'm ... quiet.
Hang in there though, there are good things ahead. November is Type 1 Diabetes awareness month, so I'll be bringing back my T1D Tuesday series. The coming holidays always get my brain percolating, so there will be some projects happening. I have some sewing projects that I'll share, and yes, the cabinets will be completed and a show and tell will happen (queue the angelic chorus and light shining from heaven).
In the meantime, here's my weekend:
Gotta get in the last of that much-needed yard work.
Fall calls for roasted veggies - Yum! (white sweet potatoes and carrots)
I missed a planned girls weekend and those gems jointly wrote me a love note.
My Huskies made a terrible showing - I still love them, but YEESH. Ugly.
Overnight rainstorm
Have a great one guys!

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