Quick Craft: Bubble, Bubble, Toil & ...Pumpkin

I was calling this my 'glass slipper' pumpkin, but when my friend mentioned it looked like it was bubbling... Well, it became the perfect little craft to post for Halloween.
This took about half an hour (and one hot glue burn) to execute, so you could churn out a whole pumpkin patch in time for some Thanksgiving decor, or even bust a few out before tonight's party if you need something extra for your table.

Pumpkin (I used a mini, but theoretically you could do a giant if you so desired)
Pony Beads (I used clear - Black could be creepy, red could look bloody... options!)
Jute Rope (optional)
Glue Gun
Fake Leaf
I wanted a little something extra, so first I wrapped the indents of my pumpkin with jute rope. Okay, full disclosure: I was originally going to wrap the whole thing in rope, but then got the idea to add beads, and, well, here we are. Anyway. I cut 5 long pieces, wrapping each across the pumpkin and gluing at the top on each side.

Next, I built up the stem of my pumpkin by stacking groups of 4 beads on top of each other. Make sure the glue is set before adding another layer as hot glue can shift as it dries on slippery surfaces.

Last: Bead that gourd. I worked in small sections to be sure the glue was still hot and liquid for the beads to get a good hold. I pulled a fake leaf off some old wreath supplies and popped that on the top. Et voila! A bubbling pumpkin.
Or, if you prefer, the glass slipper pumpkin. I'll call it that again after Halloween passes, because it's too cute to get rid of so soon.
Have fun!

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