Top 5 of 2014

Last year I rounded up the top five attention-getting posts of the year, and it was so interesting (probably only for me, but hey) that it's officially an annual event as of right now.

Sometimes I understand why a post is popular immediately, and sometimes... well sometimes I just end up thinking the world is a pretty weird and wonderful place. I'm happy people like the same things I do, and get even the tiniest kick of seeing those things in black and white here on this blog.

Drumroll please...
The top half of the kitchen cabinets was made over, grubby before photos and all. Funnily the whole-kitchen reveal didn't get quite as much attention. 

This is good stuff, guys, and I'm glad you were into it! It really does work wonders. I'm still a believer.

This fast, easy, and personalized baby gift is fun and do-able for anyone!

It's a tie for fourth place! Apparently people really dig a wooden furniture element (and watching me struggle).

THANK YOU! This makes my day that it's a top five-er. And better yet, you can still get in on the feel-good fun by donating right here (she's over half way to her goal!).

Thanks for another wonderful year, all of you! Cheers to what's ahead, whatever it may be.

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