Random Round Up: Bees, Blue Skies, & Beaches

The baby room makeover has officially started! I painted the ceiling this weekend - a task I now know I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy - and the rest of the room is prepped and waiting for paint. Exciting! Here's a few other things that went down the last few days:
Maybe it's the warmth, but honeybees love our deck chairs in the afternoons.
The ongoing saga of the backyard curly willow: Lots of new growth and
some steady rain broke the largest branch. So sad, but hoping it can
recover yet again.
Nothing better than a pup.
Sunday morning tide pool exploring.
Random Beach Round Up: Think this guy took a mulligan?
Looking forward to showing you a fabric-based project that was shoved to the wayside last week due to a busy workweek. Have a good one!

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