Where There's A Willow, There's A Way

A little over a year ago, I told you about the trouble my beloved curly willow tree was in. It was bending, breaking, and basically on it's way out. I knew I wanted to do everything possible to keep it alive, but for quite a while, we weren't sure what those actions were.
Check out the bend on that guy - It would touch the house when it rained. Not good.
Finally, it came down to the fact that the tree just had to lose some weight to even have a chance. So, after snipping off a few branches to propagate in case our trimming killed it, my parents brought over the chainsaw and we cut off two very major branches. And when there are only three to begin with, that makes for a pretty severe shear.
Branches off and bucked for winter firewood for my parents.
It's been a little over a month since the branches came down, and I'm thrilled (seriously, it's probably too much excitement over a tree) to report that the willow is flourishing! It's now straight and tall and has a bunch of new growth. Woohoo!!
Look at all that new growth at the saw spots!
As straight as a curly willow ever could be.
I promised an update so long ago I'm sure you'd forgotten, but just had to report the happy news. And take note: If you are cutting off a branch, make sure to angle your cut so any rain water can run off. It will give the tree a much better shot at not getting diseased at the saw spot. You can thank my dad for that hot tip.
One of the branches I cut for propagating is flourishing too. Yay!

 Have a great weekend guys!

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