Have you ever searched for something you weren't quite sure existed? And yet you can't settle for anything but what's in your mind's eye? I think we all have: That perfect dress, haircut, partner, whatever - In this case, the perfect rug.

You may remember way back when I scored a great deal on a beautiful rug through Overstock.com for our family room. As things in our house have evolved, it became clear pretty quickly that while the rug was great, it just wasn't quite right. A little too small, and, if I'm being honest, the colors were never quite what I expected when I ordered online. Fine, but not perfect.
And so began the hunt. Apparently, it's a rarity to find a non-white-based rug that incorporates gray, yellow, brown, and black.
...Which, okay, now that I see it listed out, I kind of understand.
But after years of periodic searching... Success! And not only color and size success, but an unbelievable sale price to boot (under $150 for 100% wool, marked down from over $600 via RugsUSA.com).
I think we'll keep this guy for the long haul.
And the peacock rug will be happily put to use in our living room - A space that I really enjoy, but needs a little more life and color. I think this switcheroo will be a good start. The covered ottoman will probably follow.

Side Note: I can't believe how different our family room looks from that peacock rug post! God bless the flooring.

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