Random Round Up: May The Fourth Be With You

Did you know May fourth is pretty much an actual "holiday"? Hilarious.

There is no place in the world like the Pacific Northwest on a 70 degree day. Green, crisp, warm... perfect. I did spend a little time indoors (we're starting to sort out the two bedrooms), but tried to balance that out with some solid time spent on the deck as well.
Nate got his first tattoo! It's gorgeous and completely unique.
Detail appointment later this month, then I'll show and tell.
Fact of the weekend: Tucker is the same size as an 18 month old human.
...And thrilled about it, clearly.
Sweet pepper jam from a co-worker? Yes please.
Gorgeous gifted basket from my friend Rachel is flourishing.
Whipping up some pillow covers for a friend - Cutest fabric for her nursery!
Have a great week guys!

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