Let There Be Lights!

As you've long-known if you're a regular around these parts, upgrading the builder-standard-brass lighting in our house is an on-going project. One, because I'm picky, and two, because dude: Lights are expensive!

I've hit a couple of stellar sales recently, and that's added up to three new fixtures stacking up.
No, really: Stacking up.
We took a Saturday and tackled 'em all, including re-purposing one fixture already in place to another room. You know how I love to work with what I've got!

We'll start with that one, actually. Our dim and depressing (and brass, of course) master closet light has been on the fritz for months. When the last bulb keeled over, we went to replace it and, lo and behold, the protective tinfoil-like covering over the fixture's insulation had disintegrated. Nice. Being fools, we decided to put in new bulbs anyway and just leave the glass cover off in case it was too hot (you all remember what happened when we replaced standard bulbs with energy efficient ones). Well, it didn't work. And by didn't work, I mean listen to this video:
We stopped using the light entirely. Better to find clothes in the semi-dark than burn the house down, eh? Logic.

So since one of the new fixtures was destined for the family room, down came the quickly-purchased-when-moving-in fixture from that room, and in it went in the closet.
That left the family room ceiling open for a little makeover:
Next, upstairs to the two bedrooms. Since you now know about The Babe on his or her way, I can tell you that the current guest room will become the baby's room, and that leaves the husband's man room to be both man and guest space. That means we have some work to do in both rooms, so a little lighting upgrade seemed like a good first step. Two oil-rubbed-bronze finish fixtures were just the thing - Not too matchy, but nicely coordinated since you can see into both rooms from the hallway.
Baby J's domain
Like what you see?
Master Closet: similar
Family Room: Home Depot
Baby Room: similar pendant version, or apparently make your own.
Man/Guest Room: similar, ours is from Home Depot but not available online.

I'm sure our neighbors think we're the new Amnityville Horror in the cul-de-sac since I keep standing in doorways flipping lights off and on... We have some ceiling paint touch-ups to do, but really, such an easy upgrade, and so happy it's done! Well, in those rooms anyway. There's always the halls... and the entryway... and the floor lamps... and.... Sorry hubs.

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