Craven Farms Antique Sale 2015

North of Seattle in Snohomish County, there's a once-yearly few hours of treasure hunting magic: The Craven Farms Antique Sale. Collectors and vendors set up tents and trailers in a field and the public is welcome to come to browse and barter to their heart's content.
The crowd about 45 minutes after opening (with a cameo by very pregnant,
extremely gorgeous friend Rachel on the left).
From water skis to hand-painted cabinetry.
This '40's book was a hilarious how to cure yourself from everything - from diabetes
to 'dropsy' - by using positive thinking. My one regret that I didn't purchase this year!
Surgical implements? Kitchen tools? Who can tell!
Last year you might recall I walked away with a gorgeous 1940's cast iron child's sewing machine. It's proudly on display in our family room, and gets regular comments a year later. Such a gem! This year was no different in terms of fabulous treasures. I walked away only about $30 lighter with a great basket (to be turned shelf for the baby's room), some antique blocks that spell his name (Yes, we've decided. No, we're not telling. And only two blocks are in the picture on purpose, don't even try.), and a fantastically destitute bridle with blinders that I'll clean and saturate with saddle oil and hang on the wall above my saddle.
Maybe those aren't epic treasures to everyone, but I couldn't be happier.
Some treasures, some... not so much.
LOVED this pattern - I've never seen anything like the arrows!
I'd highly encourage anyone who can get to the area to head for the farm the last Saturday in June if they can - They have a Facebook page to share their info.

And hey, if you can't come... More treasures for me!

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