Ding Dong the Ring is Gone

With last week came a sad day: I had to face the fact that I'm too vain for my own health. 

Like every married lady, I love my wedding rings. So much so that I danced around taking and leaving them off until, well, it was way too late.
Five pounds of sausage in a one pound bag on Bourbon Street.
I'd had some swelling, especially in the sweat fiesta that was New Orleans in May, but it had always gone back down. Until it didn't. I tried every lubricant, every method under the sun. I iced. I oiled. I wrapped with string. With tape. With wire. 
Ice bath.
I made it worse.
The string method worked best, and if I hadn't waited as long
to try probably would have solved my problem.
So off I went with a heavy heart to the jeweler where they were purchased, ready to bite the bullet and have them cut off. The employees were so kind, telling me it happens all the time and they would be fixed whenever I was (physically) ready - Aka: healed and no more swelling, so post-babe. Sigh.
The sweetest old Eastern-European jeweler toddled out and ever-so-gently hacked my rings in half. No really, it was moderately painless: They have a special tool that slowly and precisely cuts through the metal. Then with a tweak of some needle-nose pliers, my finger was free. And wow, did it need to be freed. I didn't think it was THAT bad until I saw the damage on my skin underneath.
Luckily, thanks to my Rodan + Fields product love, I used some Soothe 2 (a redness-reduction miracle product, seriously) and within 12 hours the swelling was way down and the redness all but gone. 
In the meantime, I printed out a ring measurement tool and took stock of my finger. Turns out, I'm now about a size 9.5-10 on my ring finger... My wedding set is a 7. What?! But with that knowledge I was able to pop onto Amazon and pick up a simple, low-cost, sterling wedding knot to keep my finger feeling a little less naked these last few weeks. It's actually a little too large, but I have a feeling I'll have days where I fill it out just fine.
It's a weird and wild ride, folks. Can't wait to get my bands repaired and back on.

...Guess my vanity level hasn't resized.

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