Random Round Up: Recovery Mode

Whew, what a week last week!! Even though I've been with my company for years, last week was one of the busiest I've EVER lived through, work-wise. As energy and brain power aren't exactly my strong suits right now, this weekend called for some recovery... After the first Husky game of the season, of course. Gotta rally for that.
Caught in the act! Cooper hung out at our house for a few days.
A couple late bloomers still hanging on in the backyard!
Trying to stock the freezer a little for baby time - Banana bread baking fiesta.
Setting up our tailgating spot at 6am on Saturday! Nothing like a game day sunrise.
Baby J's first Husky game! Starting him young.
Here's hoping this week is nice and smooth for us all - I've got a jewelry saga for you later in the week, stay tuned!

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