Ode To A Paint Sprayer

Guys. I can't say enough good things about this paint sprayer business. Buy one now, thank me later, you're welcome in advance.

You may recall, we sprung for this bad boy a couple years ago, thinking it would be just the thing for our kitchen cabinet overhaul and repainting all our interior doors. Well, we ended up going with hand-rolling for the cabinets, and the doors have yet to be tackled. But the perfect opportunity to bust this guy out came with our new sections of replaced siding.
We had a painter lined up, but after he accidentally rolled off someone else's roof, he was out of commission. With the rainy season bearing down, we needed to get our siding covered and ready for the elements. Nate took a chunk of the old siding into Home Depot and had some flat exterior Glidden paint color matched to the piece of old stuff. It turned out perfectly! By far the best match we've ever had mixed, and probably due to the large size of swatch he took in for them to work from. Take note of that if you ever need a paint match: The bigger swatch, the better.

We poured the paint into the sprayer, and got to work. And what fast work it was! Even with Nate allowing me to do some (he couldn't have ALL the fun of trying a new tool!), the entire process took only two hours. If we had used a brush and roller, my guess is that time frame would have doubled.

I was allowed to try 'er out on the no-ladder-required portions.
Even, fast coverage: Wonderful! Lots of folks complain about over-spray with paint sprayers: Because this model has the option of a vertical or horizontal spray, we found it to not really be too much of an issue. Sure we have spots, but nothing major. It was fairly easy to control once we got the hang of it all.
Say hallo to mah leetle friend!
We'll still be having the whole house painted as soon as the weather turns dry again (May-ish?), but in the meantime I'm so glad to have had a stretch of dry weather to get this taken care of ourselves. One less thing to have on our minds in this busy stretch o'life!
We'll be touching up those bare spots on the white garage arches this weekend.

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