Random Round Up: Sickness & Health

I was 'encouraged' to get my very first flu shot this year due to landing in the high-risk category of being pregnant... They say it's not a live virus and you won't get sick, but my 1.5 days of missed work last week beg to differ. What gives?! No fun!

Luckily the fever faded and I was up and about by the time game day came around on Saturday, and even got to get some much-needed house painting done Sunday. Check 'er out:
Those under eye circles and orange juice kinda sum it up, eh?
My sick day couch buddy.
A much, much cooler game day than last week, thank goodness!
After our scheduled house painter took a tumble off someone's roof, we decided
to get our new siding set for the winter ourselves. LOVE the paint sprayer!!!
Cleaning up while lying down.
More on the painting later this week - I must say a paint sprayer is one of the best tools in our arsenal! Worth every penny! I'll give you the full run-down. 'Bout time we had a DIY post around here, eh? #BabyTakeover

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