Lovin' An Oven

As we inch/creep/move-at-a-snail's-pace toward home ownership, one of the stipulations of the bank is that we install a range (or at least show proof-of-purchase) prior to closing. Apparently if there are no appliances in the house (thankssssssssssssssss, previous owners, for that one.), a stove somehow makes it a "livable residence".


So! We went a'lookin' this weekend and found this bad boy at a local business (Judd & Black) :
Love that it's electric but LOOKS like gas, thanks to the knobs on the front instead of on a backsplash-style panel. Just a little non-wedding related life tidbit!

In actual wedding news, fringing the letters has taken a bit of a backseat to some last minute gift whipping up (there's only so much floor space in a small apartment), but I plan to spend some time with that crazy-tedious super fun project once my break from work begins at the end of this week.

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