On The Fringes

Fringe Fest 2011

That's what the craft projects of the weekend should be titled. 'Maid (of Honor) Emily arrived and flexed her patience craft muscles on the project of attaching fringe to the 3-D letters (remember those guys?). And you know what? I'm going to let the pictures do the talking.

 My view from the 'V' to Em's 'L'

No, not a hula skirt. 'V' in progress (have faith, grasshoppers!)
Craptactularly (yep, you heard me) lit photo of the finished 'V'
'E' is for Em!
My best gal and the dog who worships her (mine. feel the love).
I still need to finish the 'E' and tackle the 'O', but we're moving right along. The worst part is snipping all the tissue. Can you say hand cramp?! But hopefully the textural finish and scale will be worth it.

Insider trading tip of the day : Invest in Scotch tape. Because I'm about to go buy a few cases. 

And for the record, I know it's gotten a leeeeetle bit quieter on this blog of late, and that's because it's just frankly less of a crazy wedding whirlwind then it has been. And you know what? I'm grateful. With the holidays around the corner (um, literally : 12 DAYS until Christmas, can you handle it?), out-of-towners making their appearances, and trying to buy this house in the middle of it all, I'm soaking up the respite.... If that's what you can even call what I just listed off. A respite from wedding planning/stresses at least!

So cheers to time with family and friends who love you enough to sit on your apartment floor buried in tissue for hours on end. Thanks Em!!!

P.S. Need an insight to how my brain works? (careful, it's scary in here...)
Here is the original inspiration for what's clearly taken on a life of it's own in my hands.

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