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Is it just me or as the holidays approach do the weekends fly by even faster? Even though mine kicked off a few hours early with our Lord Hill Farms tasting on Friday, those two-point-five days just seemed to evaporate. Maybe I'll feel better after an Accomplished This Weekend In Pictures sesh.....

Tasted (and chose!!) The Day's din din :
Gorgonzola Pasta at Lord Hill
Asiago-Stuffed Chicken with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce at Lord Hill
We also managed to eat SO MUCH FOOD that we literally didn't eat for the rest of the day. The bride and groom that had the tasting appointment with us were having appetizers, so while we managed to avoid that up-sell, we still got to partake in the deliciousness. Because, you know, we needed more food.
We also hit up Home Depot :
A little laminate research - This one's my pick
Mini Christmas Tree!
The mini Christmas tree was the best compromise this year as A) I advocate for a real tree EVERY YEAR and Safety Nate always denies, and B) with moving looming on the horizon (no new house news - STILL waiting on the bank that owns it to drop the hammer), this seemed an easier route than hauling out the big one we use every year and then having to pack it up again so soon.

Last but not least, my logical self decided I needed another project, so I gathered up all the ingredients to make some gifts to send my pals (don't judge me, I know I'm nuts) :
I can't spill the beans and tell what I'm making, but my hot craft tip-o-the-day is Buffalo Snow. It's the stuff you're supposed to put on the mantel or around the tree to look like fluffy snowfall, but it's basically a gigantic bag of Poly Fill but softer and for like half the price. I got mine at Michael's... I'd say "in the Christmas section", but apparently the entire store has been taking over by craft-centric elves because I actually had a hard time finding NORMAL craft supplies.


But I digress. It's good stuff, and I think could double as batting since it comes in a sort of weird sheet. Information  you never knew you wanted, eh? You're welcome.

Weekend success!

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