A 'Maid to Order Weekend

Okay, so I'm not actually going to order her around ... much .... but 'Maid (of Honor) Emily is  making the trek from Portland to have a Wedding Craft Take-Down Weekend (WCTDW) with me starting Friday!
Pippa Middleton ~ World's most famous Maid of Honor
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Already planned is a trip to Michael's, some sushi eating, coffee getting, brunch-going, drink-drinking... Um... so basically we'll be eating our way through. Nate's already offered to be our bar tender, which means any and all crafting will have to end before happy hour to prevent wonky tissue or upside down cake stands (just kidding, Mom).

So not a ton getting done on the craft front this week since WCTDW is the perfect excuse to procrastinate during the current weekdays (other than me maniacally finishing my friend-gifts project last night so Em doesn't see and ruin her surprise).

Two sets of hands, a solid 24 hours plus, and someone who knows how to put up with me? Awesome.
Bride and MOH jumping on bed
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  1. YAYYYYY! I wish I could help out in some way as well. I feel so helpless. You rock Emily!


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