Front Yard Side Work

If you've worked in retail, you might call it 'side work'. A restaurant setting: Prep. Whatever name you know it by, it's that running list of to-do's that you fall back on when you don't have anything more pressing to do.

At our house, that means getting out in the yard. We seized a sunny day and the opportunity to borrow some tools from Nate's parents, and attacked.
 The bushes I shaped up with the Hedge Hog last summer are sprouting again, so those were destined for a trim. Plus, the previous homeowners decided hyper-invasive decorative (using that word loosely...) grass was the way to go in any space without a shrub, so we've been working on digging it out pretty much since day one. See it all on the right there?
Check out all those roots and bulbs -That's the bottom of the grass. We actually had to roll up big hunks of root-y sod the blades were so tightly packed. Argh, grass!!!
 And would it be our yard if we didn't unearth something? A big piece of pretty slate this time around.
One seriously full yard waste bin.
Can't wait to get some color in that newly minted bed come spring. There's a LONG way to go (do you see that jungle of rhododendrons in that upper right corner?! Yikes.), but it's a pretty great improvement already. And of course it makes us start eyeballing the next project... I'm talking to you, moss-covered raised bed!
Let's call it 'to be continued'...

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