Random Round Up: New & Improved

I didn't take a ton of pics this week/end, so mixing it up a little for today's Round Up. Some of this info is newer then the rest, but all will hopefully improve us. Too cryptic? Let me break it down.

We've been suddenly more active outside of the house of late. Nate and I have both been athletes in some form our whole lives, and I've been jealous as he gets to play soccer in a men's league. Lucky for me, I finally broke into a volleyball team in a work-based league! It's not as high of a competition level as I'd ideally enjoy, but it's been great (here we are in week 7 and I've forgotten to mention it thus far) to get my hands on a ball and play with a team again.
I also finally pulled the trigger and signed up for my first 5k race. It's been a goal of mine for years, but since I loathe running, it took a lot for me to actually think about really, truly, doing it. Nate and I singed up for The Color Run in May, leaving me plenty of time to train. It was my second session of two-runs-per-week this last week, and I hit the two mile mark. It's not a lot, but it's a lot for me!
You can see if it's headed for your city here.
Last and most exciting: Nate has been accepted into a distance civil engineering program through the University of North Dakota! He won't start for about a year, due to timing of the web-based schedule, but it's a huge deal. I think he's so brave for committing to it and going all in. PROUD WIFE!!
Funnily enough my father-in-law graduated from the engineering program at UND as well (he attended in person), so we're keeping it in the family. Go Sioux!

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