Between beautiful sunny days with blue skies, spontaneous hail storms, and practically needing to build an ark today, it's beginning to look like spring around here.
Hail on the deck
Blooms in the back yard (the white are from my bridal shower last year!)
Hydrangea coming to life
Cherry trees around the neighborhood starting to turn pink
 And the most exciting spring happening for us is actually going on indoors... The measurement to get new flooring in the entire downstairs is scheduled for this weekend. The ball is rolling, and once it's scheduled to be put in we will get to tearing out carpet and putting in a new hearth. Here's to living in chaos for a few weeks - Woohoo...?
Having that hideous "white" carpet gone for good is absolutely worth every living-on-subfloor-in-dust moment coming our way. I'll keep you posted on the progress!

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