Spring Fling

Even though we woke up to snow this morning (um, what?!? where was that this winter??), I've got spring cleaning on the brain. The Floor Dudes (probably not their real company name) are coming tomorrow to measure the downstairs, so knowing things will need to be picked up and moved out makes me want to try to sort through the piles of crap treasures left over from our move.

A year ago. So there's high potential for most of the Spring Fling-ing to be pointed toward a trash can.

It wasn't only spring - These two blog posts from Cup of Jo and Bower Power came up in my feed last week and reinforced the sorting itch. So more of this is on my short list:
Big mess requires an aerial shot from the chair.
It's not a  pretty picture, folks. But it's got to get worse before it gets better, right? ....Right??
If you need me, I'll be flinging.

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