Feel the Base[board]

We don't have our flooring actually ordered, but the prospect is just so exciting that we're starting the tear-out process anyway (we're doing all the demo to save a few bucks). Fifteen months is more than enough time living with mangy 'white' carpet - As you know, I've been itching to tear it out since day one. Seriously. Hives and everything.

Okay, mental hives only. But we've found our installer and sources (gotta love having a friend in the biz to steer us true), and all we're waiting on is a sample of our chosen flooring to arrive via FedEx so we can make triple sure we love it. I may or may not be stalking every white delivery truck I see within a mile radius of our home... For now, the "so far" visuals:
Old fashioned hammer & chisel method
Rounded corners have proven to be NOT our favorites...
Thar she blows! Evoke 'Gustave' 
Labeling system - Plan is to paint white and re-use. 
Nate couldn't help himself - He took down the coat closet completely.*
My sentiments exactly. Peace out, white carpet!!
Many more man hours to put in before things really start looking finished, but I'll keep you posted. Now that we're 99.9% sure what the floor is going to look like, the vision is in my mind's eye every time I walk in the house. Come on sample!!

*Nope, it's not a cool super-secret passageway in that closet - Just the trap door that leads to the crawlspace. 

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