Rehearsal Rehash: One Year Later

One year ago today was our rehearsal dinner for our wedding. A full YEAR. It's amazing to me how time has flown.
My parents put together this sign for us :)
One year ago today I got to walk into my wedding venue and see family and friends who had driven and flown in from all over America. Some I hadn't seen in nearly a year. I'll never forget coming up the stairs flanked by my best friends and husband-to-be and seeing a cluster of my nearest and dearest waiting for me.
Rehearsed and as ready as we were ever gonna be..!
We had a small GPS crisis that day too when married bridesmaid-groomsman duo Brett and Mellisa,who flew in from halfway across the country, were steered to our dinner location instead of rehearsal by their rental car GPS. Mel, I'll never forget your hysterics and how funny it was to me and devastating for you. I'm a horrible friend... But I still think it's funny.

After an incredible dinner, 'maids and 'men spontaneously piled into cars and headed for a nearby watering hole to play pool and chat. We admitted to each other after we'd been there a while that none of us really wanted to come - we were all so tired - but in the end were all glad we did.
Dinner at Smuggler's Cove sitting with Brett & Melly
It was perfect. And I can't get over the fact that it was a whole 365 days ago. Cheers to our first anniversary weekend!

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