Stop... Demo Time

Nothing like a little MC Hammer throwback to get your Wednesday going, eh?

We've officially started demo on the downstairs - You saw the baseboard get removed before, and now it's time for the real deal: Out comes the carpet, the damaged hardwood, and this weekend... The linoleum glued to half inch particle board glued to subfloor. I know, stop, you're too jealous right?

The sewing room was first on the list. Remember it looking like this after we moved in? I'd been making steady periodic progress on sorting it all out, and after some keeper items were moved out to the garage, we had this:
 The carpet came up, then the pad, and we were thrilled - THRILLED - to find that the pad hadn't been stapled down to the subfloor. It saved us lots of time and hand blisters crawling aroud with pliers plucking them out (whoever installed the original carpet were majorly staple happy on the upstairs pads). And enter disgusting 'what's-lurking-under-your-carpet' picture here:
 But through the magic of the internet and a scroll of your finger, it looks like only a moment before it was cleaned up and re-sealed (actually, it doesn't take long at all to seal, it's just an uber-stinky process)...
 And only one casualty through the whole thing - Who knew a paint roller's extended handle wasn't very strong? What can I say, I'm an aggressive floor sealer.
So there you have it, one room complete and ready for pretty new floor. Nevermind that this room still needs to be painted.... We took down a few other rooms too, but more on that later. Buh-bye white carpet!

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