Random Round Up: Anniverary Fun

We had a pretty fabulous, decadent, and relaxing day on Sunday. As it should be to celebrate our anniversary, right? It all started with a mysterious calendar notification from Nate to me...
And of course there were gifts (selfishly I only took a photo of mine, but Nate got some too, really.) - Year One is traditionally the gift of paper:
 The blueprints of Monica/Rachel's and Chandler/Joey's apartments from the show Friends (my all time fave)! Brandi at Fantasy Floorplans creates a huge variety from all different beloved programs. So fun!
Then it was off to partake in Nate's surprise: A couple's massage. Ahhhhhh-mazing.
What's next? Happy hour at the place we had our first date, then home to relax with the pup. Perfection.
On to year two and beyond!

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  1. That floor plan gift is so geeky in a pop cultural kind of way. Good job Nate!


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