Shuffle [base]Board

You guys, I'm such an unintentional tease. Here I promise floor photos and am not at all delivering! Well here's one little kitchen glimpse of the before and after:
More to come, I promise! But with a family birthday and both visitors and The Color Run this coming weekend, things are getting lost in the shuffle over here. The current pressing project is getting the baseboard sanded, painted, and re-installed. Caulking and filling the holes will have to wait until next week/end, but for now we're just shooting for protected sheetrock and getting my car back in the garage. Check it out:
Yellow-y cream to clean, pretty white.
Gloves and sandpaper (not a disembodied hand, despite appearances...)
Drying in the garage
Paint Creature
The baseboard in the living/dining rooms were that yellow-y cream color pictured above, but most of the other stuff is a super shiny kind of orange-y wood. It surrounds all the doorjambs too, so guess what the next project is....
Floor pics are coming. Really. Someday soon!!

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