Pretty Thankful

Do you decorate for Thanksgiving? We're not hosting this year, but all the pretty things I've been seeing roll through my Pinterest feed lately have got me thinking I might pretty things up around here just to get in the spirit.

Here are a few of my recent faves, and links to the source and/or how-to below each image:
Pretty painted pumpkins or gourds: Cut painters tape into geometric shapes, stick on, and spray paint! Short on time? Grab some ModPodge and wrapping paper or thin cotton fabric and glue, baby, glue.
Hitting the grocery store for Turkey Day staples? Grab a few extra handfuls of green beans, asparagus or artichoke and decorate those pillar candles you have hanging around. A piece of double-sided tape might help the beans and asparagus stay upright until you can get the ribbon tied.
A chain of thankfulness - Each link a scrap of paper with something you and your family are thankful for. Some pretty ribbon and a Command hook or two, and you've got meaningful decor.
Break out that strand of white Christmas lights a few weeks early and use a little wire or thread to tie on some leaves - Grab 'em from the backyard or pick up a stem of good fakes and clip them apart.

I love, love, LOVE Christmas, but I'm one of those who really feels like Thanksgiving should have it's moment. Let's celebrate!

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