Two Cool Stools

The stars aligned, the angels sang, and light shone down from the heavens... Right onto HomeGoods.

Have you been in one? They're great, but pretty hit or miss. It's not like you're going to walk in and find a really specific thing you're looking for... Or are you...! We had a list of 5 places to go hunting for barstools to go with our new table, and this was the criteria:
Not backless. 
Stylistically compatible with the table.
We marched into our first stop - HomeGoods - got distracted by the pretty things browsed for a minute, and bam: Two perfect stools. They were like a tractor beam, I tell ya, and Nate and I gravitated right to 'em.
The only thing neither of us were crazy about was the cream pleather seats. But a quick flip-over in the store showed just 4 small screws holding the seat on, and I knew I could recover them pretty easily. Check it out:
This fabric is a little too classical for me, but I knew in small amounts it'd be just the thing.
Yellow for the kitchen, chestnut for the stools, black for the table.
I mentioned there were 4 small screws holding the seat in place... You'll just have to take my word for it since I failed to take photos (tricky to hold a stool, a screwdriver, and a camera... where is that third arm when you need it?!). But literally within 2 minutes, off came the seat and I had this:
Centered, and traced with a few extra inches to wrap around.
Trusty staple gun - Staple, flip, done!
This is one stellar find and easy mini-makeover that equaled out to a pretty huge dining room upgrade. I'm in love.
One done...
...And two. Woohoo!

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