T1D Tuesday: Walk a Mile in His Shoes

 For the month of November I'm putting my Monday 'Random Round Up' on hiatus, instead focusing on November being Diabetes Awareness Month. "T1D Tuesday" will hopefully shed a little light on Type 1 Diabetes. Learn, enjoy, and if you can, support JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation).
Donate specifically to my cousin Ella's efforts at www2.jdrf.org, and search "Team Ella" in Minnesota.

Last week I told you about T1D For A Day, where upon signing up, professional snowboarder and Type 1 Diabetic Sean Busby would send you 24 hours worth of texts, allowing participants to get a tiny taste of what it's like to live with diabetes every day.
Sean and his wife Mollie - He texted this photo during my 24 hours!
For those of you who don't text or haven't yet signed up (you can do it anytime in November, so get on it!), I thought I'd share a little of my experience. Spoiler alert: It was pretty eye-opening.
How it all starts - So simple!
Every bite has to be thought about.
No rest for the weary - T1D doesn't take a break.
I hope you'll take advantage of this opportunity - I feel like I got to know Sean (he even sent out a picture of his dog at one point), and I was actually kind of sad when I got my "the end" notice. A fascinating way to walk a mile in Sean's shoes and all of those who deal with T1D on a daily basis.

Want to learn more about what you can do? Visit advocacy.jdrf.org or to keep in the theme, text ACTION to 37420 to receive Action Alert emails and other communications regarding the Special Diabetes Program (SDP). There's super important legislation in the works all the time to get funding to cure Type 1 Diabetes. Be a part of it - They make it mind-blowingly easy. Five minutes of filling out a form letter can have a massive impact. Go!

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