T1D Tuesday: Amazing Advancements

For the month of November I'm putting my Monday 'Random Round Up' on hiatus, instead focusing on November being Diabetes Awareness Month. "T1D Tuesday" will hopefully shed a little light on Type 1 Diabetes. Learn, enjoy, and if you can, support JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation). Donate specifically to my cousin Ella's efforts at www2.jdrf.org, and search "Team Ella" in Minnesota.
I've talked before about the incredible research being done to craft an artificial pancreas for those with Type 1 Diabetes, which would render shots and glucose checks basically obsolete. Research is being done every day, and if you've donated to JDRF, you've contributed.

Pat on the back for you!

I thought this article on pump development was particularly interesting, and while I encourage you to read the whole thing, I'm wanted to share a snippet of what I think is the most exciting and fascinating part:

"People with T1D are burdened with constantly having to determine the right amount of insulin to dose at the right time. Yet even with diligent monitoring, people with T1D spend a significant portion of the day with either high or low blood sugar, placing them at risk for devastating long-term complications from hyperglycemia or traumas from hypoglycemia. Artificial pancreas systems will be external devices that help people with T1D do what their bodies cannot-automatically control their blood sugar around the clock. They will work by combining an insulin pump and a continuous glucose monitor (CGM), which provides glucose readings every 1-5 minutes, with sophisticated computer software that allows the two devices to automatically communicate to determine and provide the right amount of insulin at the right time.

Today, artificial pancreas systems are being tested that automate some insulin delivery. In the future, the goal is to restore the balance of other hormones, in addition to insulin, that are missing or out of balance in people with T1D. The dual-chamber infusion pump being developed by Tandem may help restore the missing hormonal balance in T1D, and will help evolve the artificial pancreas to the next generation of devices that will more closely mimic the function of a healthy human pancreas."

Is that not incredible?! And don't you want that for this face?
Unbelievably, we've already reached the last Tuesday in November - National Diabetes Awareness Month. Thanks for truckin' along with me - Hopefully you've learned a thing or two, and my dearest wish is that it's inspired you to take some form of action: Donate. Write a lawmaker. Post a Facebook status. Tweet an article link. Sign up for a walk. A cure is so close you can practically taste it... And it's as sweet as sugar glucose.

In the Seattle area this time of year? Head straight for The Sheraton and the 21st Annual Gingerbread Village benefiting the local chapter of JDRF. Amazing works of edible art to get you in the holiday spirit for a fabulous cause! (Seriously, check out these pictures of last year.)

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