'Bout That Action, Boss

Shameless Seahawks plug. And this one too, because it's funnier in song.

But it's true: I was hit hard with a solid dose of gettin' after it this past weekend and took it out on the hallway door trim trio. Nope, that's not a new jazz band, it's these guys:
Laundry room straight ahead, sewing room to the right.
Powder room, diagonally across from the laundry room.
When I snapped the pictures I'd already done most of the sanding - I told you, all about that action! Up close and personal with the miles of trim, I could see just how much they needed an update:
Once fully sanded, a quick wipe-down with a rag and liquid deglosser and then it was time to prime and paint - You can see the products I use in this previous post. And remember that we took care of the baseboard in the same manner back here.
In hindsight, I probably should have taken the time to fill a couple rough spots with some wood putty and caulked the separated bits, but honestly, I didn't really notice them until the white paint went on. Ah well, another little upgrade to do another day.
I don't tape - A 2" short-handle angle brush, some paper bag, and some patience is all I needed. 
Two coats of paint later, I had a gloriously updated hallway.
I did the hallway side of the laundry and sewing rooms, and both the hallway and interior of the powder room. It feels so much brighter and somehow "higher-end", when really instead of money, all that's been invested is about six hours (spread over two days) of elbow grease.

But check out how yellow the "white" doors now look.....
Inside the powder room.
I feel a project coming on.

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