Far from the Canadian tv series, de-grassing in my world is one hideous process. Whoever planted the (now very mature) gardens at our house went a little crazy with some type of "pretty" variegated ground-covering grass to fill the empty spaces.
Section 1: Before (top) and after (bottom).
The problem is, now those "empty spaces" created by baby plants are no more, and this God-forsaken grass is snaking it's way though every crevice. I've already spent hours over the past two years trying to rid the yard of this plague, and now have a few more under my belt.
See those awful snake-y roots? UGH.
It's not nearly complete. Sigh.
But progress is progress, and I'll take it. Plus my hands and wrists are still sore from waging battle, so I live to fight another day.
'Till then, grass. 'Till then.

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