Random Round Up: Weekend Bits & Pieces

This post coming 14 hours later than normal doesn't give me hope for a less draining week this time around, but hey. I'm here. And hey. So are you. Cheers to that.
Girls' Weekend remnants
Trippy movie theatre flooring.
Wes Anderson perfection. Every moment a perfectly crafted still image.
Almost magnolia season!
And to no one's surprise: A new project has cropped up thanks to a pull cord deciding to kick the bucket...
I've hated the used-to-be-white mini blinds since we moved into the house, so, much like the slow demise of the boob lights, I'm not so sad to see 'em go. It's an upgrade that hasn't been high on the list, but since I like, well, daylight, it's time to fix the issue. And why repair when we planned to upgrade at some point anyway? So all-in-all: Yay. Wide slat wood here we come. I'll keep ya posted.

Have a great week!

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