Weird happening last night: Our hallway light, in use constantly, decided to spontaneously explode.
A loud pop, and then the rain of shrapnel onto the hard floor. Luckily none of us were near enough to take a hit (although Tucker was really close and almost had a heart attack, poor guy).
We recently changed the lightbulbs, but other than that, nothing out of the ordinary. My thought was the bulbs were too strong, but they weren't extra hot to the touch or anything when we investigated. Has this ever happened to you? Tell me in the comments if you know what caused it.
...No crying over shattered boob-light for me though. Now that three out of the seven in the house are gone (one down to bare bulbs when we moved in, one smashed, and now this), I think it might be time to start searching for replacements. I mean, I can classify them as like a safety hazard or something now, right? Yay!

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