A Mouse In The House

Okay, in the garage. But close enough.

Last weekend, we were planning on taking it pretty easy. That all changed rather rapidly when the hubs decided to go break down some boxes in the garage. Within minutes, he was back inside, asking his country girl wife "um... what does mouse poop look like?"


Long story short (and less rodent-y, for those averse), we spent about 5 dirty, sweaty, disgusting hours on saturday ripping apart the garage. Sweeping, hosing off, washing machine going, runs to the dump... yeah. Saturday was just not cute.
...And this is AFTER dump and recycling runs. Torn apart, I tell ya.
Some good news was we found not only the main mouse-house locale, but I think figured out their freeway as well: The previous homeowners did some pretty shoddy drywall patching that we'd never noticed. Let me tell you, I spackled like I've never spackled before.
I may have overdone it. But really, can you overdo it in this situation??
Sunday brought a new day and a new dawn, and we were indeed feelin' good (thanks, Michael Bublè). The really gross stuff was, after all, done. A crack-o-dawn trip to Home Depot to snag some shelving units (they were the best reviewed on the site), and home to build them. It was a two person job, but not tough at all. And sturdy! Only time will tell if the shelves warp under weight, but they're starting strong.
This may look chaotic, but seriously, this is an incredible improvement.
All in all, I think we put in about a dozen or so hours in the garage over the two days. It was a forced and dirty job we weren't ready to tackle, but in the end I'm actually pretty glad it's done. A few boxes in my sewing room to paw through and sort, but dare I say... the garage is clean! And so help me, rodent free.


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