Random Round Up: Rodent-Free Moments

I'm not going to lie to you guys: Not one of these pictures is from the weekend. Those "days off" were hijacked by finding evidence of mice in the garage... Oh the fun of being a homeowner. We'll get to that makeover later in the week, but for now I'd like to remember some happier moments that were not full of sore muscles and hand washing.

So. Much. Hand washing.
A blue heron leaving the pond on an early morning walk.
Black licorice pipes, courtesy of North Dakota... Weird, but tasty.
An incredible honor from an amazing friend. T-minus one year!
Summer dining options.
Saved a bumble from my kiddie pool. 
It' a long week ahead for this girl, chock full of ten hour work days. Wish me luck... and same to you!

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