What's Up With This Ice Bucket Challenge?!

If you participate in social media - Facebook especially - you've seen a flood (ha) of videos of people pouring buckets of icy cold water over their heads, all in the name of "The ALS Challenge". I have to admit, I was one of those annoyed by it at first. After all, it's nice to raise awareness about a disease (Lou Gehrig's Disease, in this case), but what in the world does dumping a bucket of water over your head actually DO to make progress for a cure?!

Then people started making a point of showing their filled-out donation checks, calling out the donation website, and reminding their friends that donating is part of accepting the challenge. And then I saw this video.

Seriously. Go watch it. Inspiring.

And so when Nate and his dad were called out by our friend Adam, well, I was happy to do some filming so they could nominate the next lucky contestants.
Not nominated? You can still donate here, and without the waterworks. Have a great weekend everyone!

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