Because, Why Not

How long has it been since you dove headfirst into something brand new? Like, truly never-done-it-before, no-idea-what-you're-doing, new-new.

Putting so much time into slightly mundane house projects (sigh, I love you cabinets, but you sucked out my soul) has left me with a bit of creative stagnation. I needed a jump start.
The inspiration - Which I still like better, but hey. I'm no pro.
Seeing a painting my friend purchased for her home was my inspiration, so one trip to the craft store later I was set up with a giant canvas and six acrylic paint colors to play with. I set up my easel - an old chair on top of a plastic storage bin - my painter's palette - a cookie sheet covered with foil - and of course my artist's brush - an old spackle knife. Nothing but class here, folks.
I spent a couple hours, I left and came back, I added marks as I walked by. There were moments when I hated it and thought I was a fool for trying, and other times when I was pretty sure I should be setting up an Etsy shop immediately so the money could roll in.
End result? I'm pretty happy with my artwork, but trying something new creatively was the best part. So here's what I leave you with this weekend: Try something. Hop on Pinterest or your (other) favorite blog and find a craft, a recipe, a hairstyle, a type of traditional folk dance, what-ev-er, and try it.
Currently living in the guest room, may move down to the powder room... TBD.
Because, why not!

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